Monday, October 22, 2007


Perhaps I have left this part for some time because it is not something that I can share to everyone but honestly this is the better 4B semester for me, way much better than last year. In all positivism I would say that the group work done was worth every communication made and money spent on the models and posters.

Andrew White's new ideas gave new insight for me to explore. I have to say that this time the attention from the tutor was undivided and our presence were appreciated. I felt that every little ideas and words uttered were accounted for and the group I had with Julie, Pascal and Andrew(he left the unit halfway) was the most productive bunch of wackos I can get along with.

Instead of working towards advantages, we worked along our differences of choices in design because by that diversity we have in each of our group member we are able to explore more ways through different perspectives.

Lo and behold, Urban Flux RULES!!!
Kudos to each one of us...


It has been an amazing journey from the start of this project.
Nobody could have asked for any other better group member than Khadijah (AKA Kathy) and Pascal. We worked together like clockwork with no problems, except that we unfortunately lost Andrew in the process. Anyways it has been a great semester all round. I honestly have enjoyed Andrew White's prescence. He expression is with much enthusiasm that entices you to step into the realm of the unknown and produce a much-loved piece of design within a few days. Thus, enabling one to speak so passionately about it to others.

Overall, it has been one enjoyable semester with the variety of projects undertaken. The level of depth into detail ignites ones sense that this piece of architecture can actually be built and stand the test of time. If properly constructed that is. :) This has to be one of the most engaging studio units that one has ever encountered. I would also like to commend the production of other students work and that it has been of high standard. Great work guys! Keep it up!!

Well that'll do me for now. till next time

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ciao ciao guys


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Sunday, October 21, 2007

REFINE - refine - REFINE

Refine - To further refine attributes in detail to obtain a greater understanding of the structure and improve its stance.

For the refine section of this project I delved further into the understanding the lighting effects that couldbe achieved within the gallery section of the structure. The framed slats to the east and west side of the structure were constructed to create an interior effect that lessened and increased the harshnees of the light entering the structure periodically.

Towards the top of the structure the slats are placed closer together, as shown in the top diagram. This is constructed to continue with the private sense of the upper level gallery, and restrict the amount of light entering to the interior. Whilst, further spaced slats were located for the bottom half of the building for an open public area that allowed the exterior to peer into the structure.

Voila!! Final Presentation posters with model illustrating the lighting effects incurred by the slats.

CNC Router/Laser Cutter

The CNC router/Laser cutting section of this project allowed me to fully explore the dynamics of the ceiling section in the Raw Production area of my structure. This further depth into the structure enhanced my understanding and production of that specific area. The rawness of the laser cutter in my model exemplified the particular area it represented. The RAW Production. Not yet finished but somewhat refined. The roughness of the ceiling edge was kept to demonstrate this and its relativeness.
Below, shows the poster higlighting the area of the structure the Laser cutting relates to.

New Design - Model

The above model presents the final outcome of my design attributes and aims. I am very proud of the final product and the processes undertaken to this final design. I praise this design in all its glory and what it represents. I believe that if you are not fully esctatic about your design it should not be devulged for all to be seen, but if you are, it should be expressed in a passionate and truthful sense.

New Design - Early Stages

The use of LyTraCon ( an acronym for Light Transmitting Concrete) is essential in exemplifying the process of refinement of the raw and finished product in my choice of materials. LyTraCon was invented in 2001 by Hungarian Architect Aron Losonczi. LyTraCon basically transmits light throughout the concrete via embedded fibre optics. Since the use of fibre optics does not reduce the compressive strngth of concrete, LyTraCon can be used for structural purposes and not be restricted to decorative pruposes. LyTraCon can have panels of up to two metres deep and still have the effectivenes of transmitting light to that of a 15cm wall panel.

LyTraCon source: Architectural Review(Australia) - Edition 102

New Design - Early Stages

The above presents preliminary plans outlining the possible allocation of windows and solid walls around the structure. Basically, the red outline indicates window presence, whilst the blue outline indicates wall presence. The centre of the design exhibits avoid with the green outlining a potential walkway for visitors. This walkway engages visitors to wander past the cinema and auditorium areas to engage and observe these areas from a different perspective.
Next, further refinement and completion of the plan.............